Amendments in DSAM Constitution

In the CEOs’ Meeting held on March 2011, it was proposed and agreed that the DSAM Constitution be amended to enable more direct selling companies to join the association. These direct selling companies in question are the smaller or newly established companies in which the association proposed a more affordable fee criteria for them. Approval for these amendments were forwarded to the Jabatan Pendaftaran Pertubuhan Malaysia in June 2011 and subsequently the approval was granted in December 2011.

Among the main amendments made are as follows;

  • Applicants joining DSAM can be established in Malaysia for a period of less then one (1) year.
  • Entrance Fees for Associate Members shall be RM2,000 and for Ordinary Member shall be RM5,000.
  • Definition of type of membership for NEW applications shall be determined by their annual sales turnover (STO). Companies with STO of RM5 million and below shall fall under the Associate Member category. However, any existing Ordinary Member whose STO falls below RM5 million for two (2) consecutive years, may exercise the option of become an Associate Member.
  • The term of office for the President is also limited to three (3) consecutive terms or six (6) years.
  • The immediate Past President can be appointed as an Advisor to the Board.

Full details of the amendments are available at the DSAM Secretariat for viewing.