Courtesy Visit to RMP, Royal Malaysia Police (6 Sep 2016)

DSAM paid a courtesy visit to the Commercial Crime Investigation Department of the Royal Malaysia Police on 6th September 2016. This department, among others, oversees the activities of illegal scams, pyramid schemes, and other scams that often masquerade as legitimate Direct Selling. In the meeting, Head of the Intelligence / Operations Division, Senior Assistant Commissioner (SAC) Roslan Bin Wahid welcomes and applauds the initiative shown by DSAM in organising this visit. SAC Roslan added that it was timely for the trade association to work together with the police in sharing of information and intelligence to curb these illegal schemes. The common goal of this co-operation is to protect the public from falling prey to these illegal schemes.

Based on public complaints received, DSAM has already furnished information of at least two illegal schemes to the RMP for their surveillance and investigation. In order to elevate the status of this co-operation, SAC Roslan will arrange for a presentation by DSAM to the Commissioner Police.

SAC Roslan (third from left) receive a token from Datuk Tan Chong Guan (DSAM Vice-President) and Mr Frederick Ng (DSAM President)