Direct Selling Goes Digital- President Datuk Tan Chong Guan on BFM89.9 Interview

Direct Selling Goes Digital

BFM89.9 Podcast Interview with Datuk Tan Chong Guan, President of DSAM

Like most businesses during this pandemic, Direct Selling in Malaysia was quick to pivot online – allowing the industry to hit a new revenue-high in 2020 despite being on lockdown for most of the year.

On 22 Mar 2021, Radio BFM89.9 interviewed Datuk Tan Chong Guan, President of the Direct Selling Association of Malaysia (DSAM) about reinventing the industry for survival, how it will evolve around the pandemic this year, and the various challenges and opportunities that’s expected to arise in 2021.

Let’s check out the interview podcast below.


Podcast by:
Radio BFM89.9 on 22 Mar 2021 [Source]
Produced & Presented by: Audrey Raj


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