Americ Corporation Sdn Bhd

Company Profile

Then and Now
Americ was founded by Mr CS Fong & Mrs Luziana Fong in 1983 in a rented premise with only four members and a few products to begin with. Both founders shared a same dream: to help as many people as possible to have a better life. And it is because of this dream that Americ is what it is today – dynamic, successful and a platform for the pursuit of health, beauty, wealth and a better life.

We “LOVE” People
Americ is people. We firmly believe that to succeed in the Americ business, one must first be genuinely interested in people simply because there is no business without people. Americ welcome people from all walks of life to work with us for a common goal – making life better. The many achievements of our Biz Partners are testaments that the Americ Way works.

Platform for Women
The Americ business provides an ideal platform for women to fully develop their potentials to enrich their lives. This is a business where men and women can succeed with equal opportunity for our products are easily marketed by women to women as well as men and vice versa.

An Enriched Lifestyle Life becomes more comfortable, personal quality is enhanced, and families are more harmonious as the Americ business empowers women to enhance the values of their lives. When one woman’s life is changed, the lives of families, communities and societies are also changed.

Continuous Learning Continuous Improvement
Continuous learning and improvement is an Americ culture. Having been in this industry for 30 years and a member of the DSAM since 1995, we continue to strive to be the best and the recent bestowment of the Code of Ethics Gold Award by the World Federation of Direct Selling Association (WFDSA) in 2012 and 2013 is testimony to this.

A Business for Everyone
Anyone and everyone can succeed in Americ. Backed up by a comprehensive range of quality products, our well-designed business plan provides immediate as well as long-term rewards. In Americ, success is determined by a strong belief in the business and learning attitude.

Only the BEST
We believe in giving our best. The quality of our products has long been recognised as among the best in the industry. Our distributors are well-trained to provide the best advice and services to their customers while the Company provides the best back-up support to our distributors.
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