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Leading the way to the future of regenerative healthcare to enhance the lives of people around the globe. This has been our driving force since day one.

Today, everything is different but nothing has changed. Our vision remains the same, as it always will be. Yet, with each step we take we are moving closer to our goal of becoming an industry leader on a global platform.

  • Presence in up to 40 countries
  • Offices in 8 countries across Asia
  • Number 1 brand for anti-aging solutions



Progressing Science – Discovering new solutions and advancing current solutions to live longer and look better.

Uplifting Lives – Enriching lives through recovery so that we can live not only longer but feel better.



We will add more meaningful years to your life by improving your health and quality of living through the progress of science to uplift the lives we touch.



We will transform Nutric into an international symbol and provider of uncompromising science in nutrition for the world.



Our journey began in 2001, when four young individuals stumbled upon a new business model and immediately recognised the immense growth potential of regenerative healthcare solutions. Armed with distinct skills and expertise, the founders established Nutric and launched the first electronic distribution channel system in the ASEAN region.

Fuelled by our passion to develop effective and leading-edge solutions focused on regenerative healthcare, we introduced our first anti-aging product, Bio Spray, in 2002. This flagship product aids in the rejuvenation of health and beauty, and remains as one of our best-selling products to date. To take the business to new heights, we ventured into the Indonesia and Singapore markets in that same year.

Working with some of the most innovative technologies in healthcare, we expanded our product range to cater to a wider array of target market. Concurrently, we have also established offices in the Philippines, Thailand, Bangladesh and China.

Our exponential growth and our dedication to enhancing the health and well-being of people has gained numerous recognition, both locally and internationally. Together, we have worked relentlessly to spread our wings across Asia and the world so we can continue to transform lives for the better.



The expansion of Nutric is an line with the company’s growth trajectory of enhancing and uplifting lives as we further build our global present.

Our network spans across ASEAN and beyond and we are connected with countless individuals worldwide. In order to ensure that Nutric continues to offer a consistent customer experience in diverse markets, we have established various offices within the region to manage the business effeciently and effectively.

Our offices create a platform for customers and business partners to share knowledge and exchange ideas in making a positive difference in their lives.