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Magic ODC Water
People found a magic cave at Nordenma Village nearby Dusseldorf in 1992, many local villagers magically cured their incurable diseases after drinking magic water in the magic cave. Scientists from many countries in the world came to explore the secrete of magic water, and after many years of research they discovered that the magic water contained rich hydrogen, which was secrete of the magic water.

As indicated by scientific research, life is a process of oxidization, the prime criminal causing aging and diseases to human body-the radical (active oxygen radical) causes oxidative injury to human body, which is almost source of all aging and diseases from human beings.

After research over many years, the European and Japanese scientists had the more effective antioxidant H1 with a higher stability than vitamins and minerals.

Lots of experiments have proven that the daily supplement of hydrogen molecule is the most effective method of eliminating the harmful radicals inside body, sweeping away the excessive oxides and fighting against cell aging.


Origin of ODC
ODC anti-aging series skin care product has adopted the safest and the most active hydrogen atom with the strongest oxidation resistance that has been recognized by world medical anti-aging circle, and make use of the latched patent technology that locks and stores the hydrogen atom in water though thirty thousand watts of voltage, special electrical frequency and mineral formula to form the exclusive distinct patented reductive hydrogen water in the world. This is a black technology skin care product that was researched and developed from recovery of past skin cells, maintenance of present skin cells and culturing of future skin cells on the basis of reductive hydrogen water, with combination of the latest high-tech safe ingredient with special effect. ODC reductive hydrogen water series product has the functions for anti-aging, oxidation resistance, skin reduction and cultivation of new skin cells that amaze the world skin care circle and make them unable to keep pace. In 2015, it obtained several national patent applications, which is the exclusive atom-level care product that can really resist aging, recover the skin to achieve the best state and revitalize the best skin cells in the world now.The predecessor of ODC Biological Technology (Japan) Research Institute was established in 1947 which has adhered to the R&D in making skin cosmetics achieve the best state in the past, at present and in the future.


Definition of ODC
Remove oxidizing substance is the base of Anti-aging and keeping age.

Oxide Depleting Chemicals.

ODC Initial of Oxide Depleting Chemicals.


Tenet of ODC
Specialized in the R & D and application of the latest scientific anti-aging products.


Mission of ODC
For youngness, beauty and health.