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No. 1 & 3, Jalan Cheng Perdana 1/4, Taman Cheng Perdana 1, 75260 Melaka, Malaysia.


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Every Company has its own original intention Fulfilled.

Starting from “O”, taking the first step towards an infinite future, giving hope to LIFE, “O” is perfect, “O” is Regression, “O” is even more HOPE.

Even though everyday life seems to be restricted, but everyone of “you” still strives live life to rekindle the essence of life. At ODO, we sell more than just goods and services, we sell hope. The mission of ODO is to let people return the essence of life and give hope to life, so as to create perfection in the ordinary!

ODO understand the post-pandemic era of consumer health concepts have never been more advanced, and people are also pursuing a full range of quality of life, with a more-food-and-drink fashion attitude. Based on sharing the quality of life for everyone, ODO came into being to build a healthy and complete “Life Circle”.

As a modern lifestyle, “Shared Life”, is quietly changing people’s thinking. ODO connects each industry to create a new life cycle and a diversified industry-enabled fashion platform. Health is the foundation of a successful life. Only with a healthy family atmosphere can we passionately pursue the infinite possibilities of life.

A Lifestyle called:O ! Life
A Position called:Beyond your imagination
A Quality called:Strive for perfection
A Feeling called:Relieved、Diligence、Innovation
A Word of mouth called:Platform will talk
A Vogue called:Love at First sight
An Energy called:All lifestyle you want is HERE

To use all capabilities to achieve your dream To be a living testimony of achieving dreams

To nurture an extraordinary life through living with hope and simplicity.

People-oriented, rooted in doing good and giving back: Product-oriented, provide products and services with high-quality standards.



Let O! Life blends in the landscape of your life

ODO’s goal is to allow people to enjoy the consumptions upgrade brought by technology, advocate a fashionable and healthy lifestyle, and is committed to creating excellent career development opportunities.

Keeping pace with the times and Drive Life Qualify with Innovation Mode.

Strategically Create Global Industrial Chain and Value Chain, Construct “ODO Life Circle” Create the future with “Shared Life”.

No matter front-end technology, or the implementation of the product, ODO has always taken “innovation” as its gene and used new technology to develop high-quality products to meet the needs of consumers. ODO is driven by their needs and motivated by their enthusiasm.

Gain health and Career with a shared mindset, and actively promote the determination to be good. Rekindle the hope of life, create a positive attitude towards life, and become the source of changing life circle; let the entrepreneurial spirit inspire every day; make the life of dream creators and loved one more exciting.

ODO sharing economy is the most beautiful match between market demand and supply, achieving a win-win situation.

Now the mobile era has given birth to the concept of sharing economy+ market opening and new consumptions patterns brought about by it. ODO will intergrade offline high-quality goods or services to provide products or services at lower prices. Through the mobile internet platform, the demand side and the supply side can be optimally matched to achieve a win-win situation. Because of the internet connection, everyone is equal in this epoch. Therefore, the sharing can quickly and comprehensively occupy the market.