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Block K-3-1 & 3,
Pusat Perdagangan Kota Damansara,
No 12, Jalan PJU 5/1, Kota Damansara,
47810, Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia.


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At Return Legacy, we believe in life enrichment, society’s wellbeing, and that everyone has impartial and equal opportunity to learn, change, and grow.Direct selling has always provided a platform to those who wish to establish their own business and pursuing their life’s destiny.

Through the years, unethical scheming, profiteering, and systematic abuse of its operations and ideology have unfortunately shrouded the industry in a cloud of negative reputation and mistrust.

We set ourselves out to restore the industry to its origins, bringing about positive change in how direct selling is perceived and transforming the impression of professionals of the industry in Malaysia as well as ensuring Malaysian products delivers to global standards.

Since the inception of Return Legacy, the dedication to build an internationally-acclaimed and world-renowned brand is mirrored through continuous development efforts via Legacy Science team, which focuses on research and development to produce innovative products and cutting-edge Micro-Mineralised Nutrient Technology (MMNT) as well as Return Legacy Entrepreneur Academy (RLEA) to create valuable opportunities, trainings and support.

Today, Return Legacy’s relentless drive has made Legacians experience positive transformation in their lives. Striving Legacy values and belief, our success has been built, driven by our Legacy Team and shared by our Legacians and customers.



A respected and socially-esteemed enterprise that benefits society.

Our goal is becoming a social enterprise, an organization responsible in creating a better society.

Only through having an unwavering sense of responsibility towards society can an organization be held in high-esteem, leaving a lasting legacy.

Our aim is to be an integral part in creating and achieving a harmonious existence with society. Return Legacy’s policy in product development is to ensure the materials are environmental friendly and is beneficial to all parties. We prioritize providing opportunities, the right entrepreneurial learning guided by human-led growth, and product development when it comes to service, making Return Legacy an organization built upon entrepreneurship learning.



To enrich people’s lives with value and enhance the quality of life.

Empowering individuals towards purposeful and improved lives through realizing the power of youth, health, and spiritual wellbeing. Living life with purpose, pride, and dignity, enabling every one of us to pursue a cherished life filled with joy.




Return Legacy is a strong advocate of Legacy Values, representing the work ethics and attitude of all Legacians.

The primary and most crucial value is that every individual should always be accountable for each decision and choice they make.

Going above and beyond in ensuring only the best in everything we do.

Societal Contribution
An unwavering dedication in delivering value to another and embodying empathy at all times by prioritizing the needs of others.

The trust between management and employees inspires all to give their best at work. The company’s high-quality products, meanwhile, foster trust within customers.




Legacy Science focuses on research & development of premium skin care and health foods with the combination of finest natural ingredients and advanced technology.

Return Legacy is determined to build a world-renowned brand by continuously developing of Legacy Science, delivering visible benefits to promote health and physical wellness

Our range of products are free of paraben, SLS, and SLES. There is no compromise on the safety, quality and effectiveness as our product goes through numerous test, stringent checks by established international entities and clinical studies in UKM (National Univeristy of Malaysia).

We are powered by an exclusive, state of the art technology known as Micro-Mineralised Nutrient Technology (MMNT). The team collaborates closely with Fytexia French Institute in Europe, a world-renowned institute which primarily studies polyphenols, food technology, nutrition, nutritional pathology, and pharmacology. By leveraging on its technology and discoveries related to the Mediterranean Diet ensures the efficiency of our products are proven through scientific studies.

The group has invested more than MYR12-million in Legacy Innovative Manufacturing and Facilities (LIMAF) and have successfully upgraded our manufacturing plants to Nutraceutical grade to produce daily health care products such as vitamins and dietary supplements (VDS).

We place our consumers at the heart of our business by delivering products that are highly effective, safe, and ideal. From well-being to maintaining a youthful appearance by erasing the damages caused by years of free radicals exposure.




Legacy Science team has developed Micro-Mineralised Nutrient Technology (MMNT), an, advanced and cutting edge technology designed to combat free radicals, reducing adverse effects on the human body, and delaying the skin’s ageing process caused by harmful contaminants and radiation, it is a result of the Legacy Science team combining high-quality active ingredients to better protect your skin and health.

The development of MMNT has powered our growth through the formulation of a greater range of products suited for various needs, helping us realize our brand idealogy and motto of ‘Inner & Outer Rejuvenation, Restoring Youth’.




“Performing With Pleasure, Striving With Honesty” is what guides our learning culture in RLEA. Behind every course, valuable practical entrepreneurial experience is provided for our members to experience what goes behind operating a business and on other hand, to enhance the presence of self-worth.

RLEA is known for its education modules, with tools, topics and courses that are specially designed to aid distributors in unlocking their personal potential. Each system fulfils its own uniquely different learning outcomes, allowing members to gradually master vital skills and foster a competitive spirit via this platform.

Here, we encourage and support each other like family – when it comes to establishing a career, or bringing great health and wealth for your friends and family. With the view of becoming the best entrepreneurial learning platform for our distributors, we aim to fulfill our mission to enrich people’s lives with value and enhance the quality of life, and RLEA is dedicated to creating valuable opportunities for its members to grow and learn.