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11th Floor, Menara CitiBank, 165 Jalan Ampang, 50450 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


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Uniquely and endlessly SK magic will create a healthy happiness in customers’ lives. This is the lifestyle brand that adds a healthy kind of happiness.

Our Mission
SK magic continues to challenge and create innovations to become a customer-centered innovator that delivers beforehand what the customers want.

Our Vision
SK magic constantly attempts and explores to create the best living environment for mankind to enjoy a healthy kind of happiness


SK magic create healthy happiness in our customers’ lives.

Brand Identity
A customer’s healthy and happy lifestyle

A brand that endless solves issues of life with unique ideas

Brand Essence
Focused on the essence
An extraordinary way of thinking

A constant perseverance and commitment


The design principles of SK magic begin with the essence of life – a design of making a natural lifestyle.

  • SK magic pursues a natural design
  • SK magic pursues a naturalness focused on the essence.



World-recognized design of SK magic, making changes in customers’ lives.

Not only winning the Product Design Award in the Red Dot Design Awards for the 7th consecutive year, but also winning the world’s first Dishwasher Award for IDEA Gold.

Global Design Awards
45 Awards

Domestic Design Awards
38 Awards



SK magic creates a consumer household appliance innovation story based on excellent investment and outstanding research personnel.

Our R&D Center creates innovations with endless attempts – an innovation that creates extraordinary thoughts and endless attitude.

Household Appliance Research Center
The Household Appliance Research Center was certified by KOITA in March 1992, with the latest research facilities and excellent R&D professionals.

With research on Household Appliances and Kitchen Appliances and research on preceding technologies, we strive to provide a better living environment for our customers by innovating on the inconveniences of life.

Environmental Analysis Center
The Environmental Analysis Research Center, which has obtained the ‘Drinking Water Quality Inspection Accreditation Institution’ designation by the Ministry of Environment’s Hangang River Basin Environmental Office, has completed a reliable and authorized evaluation.

We promise to learn prior technologies in water quality and air quality, to study product stability with our accumulated technology and advanced equipment, and continue to work for a better environment to provide our customers with reliability.



SK magic will solve the customers’ inconveniences with detailed business services.

Magic Care Service
SK magic offers assured services to the customers with quality service and increased responsibility – this refers to regular visit management services provided to SK magic customers as a service brand of SK magic.