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5th Floor, V06-05-01/02, Signature 2 (V06). Lingkaran SV, Sunway Velocity 55100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


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To bring wellness and share our successful experience with the world


We strive to help people lead a healthier life through our innovative research and clinically validated product line. With Stolle’s highly refined business model, people from diverse backgrounds can establish their own businesses outside of their original fields, enhance their financial wellbeing and make their dreams of great success come true! By sharing our products and opportunities with others, you will help them progressively improve their own health and quality of life.


Upright: Doing things with honesty and credibility
Respect: Treating people fairly and in a way that promotes their overall wellbeing
Innovation: Growing the business with positive and novel innovations
Public welfare: Benefiting humanity by helping people attain peak health