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Heart To Heart, Moving Forward
Welcome To Join Us In Thanks Ai Career.
The driving force behind our company doing Thanks Ai business is love, and a heart full of gratitude.
This is also my personal thought, that all members from all over the world connecting and supporting each other, through the heart of love and gratitude.
No matter how this society develops, no matter how convenient this era is, no matter how much income we could get, the most important thing in the end is ‘health’.
It’s not just about your own health, if the loved ones around us lost their health, it’s meaningless.


Share The Health Everyone Wants To Everyone You Love
In Thanks Ai, through the popularization of high quality Japanese products such as plant minerals and natural proteoglycans, people around the world can be healthy, and these healthy population can also bring health to the loved ones around them. Thanks Ai supports all related people through this MLM method so that they will get happiness because of physical and mental health.
In the end, in order to correct the most important diet of our health, we also set foot into the agriculture field, which was the purpose stated at the beginning of the company establishment. Are you healthy now? Is the economy rich?
What about the loved ones around you?
In order to have health and wealth in the future,
let’s work hard with Thanks Ai career activities!

The President of Thanks Ai Group
Makoto Fujiwara