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Totalife (M) Sdn Bhd

Totalife is a direct selling company with a strong presence in Malaysia. It offers a broad range of slimming products that are 100% organic and natural. That which makes Totalife so unique is its combination of Chinese health practices with Western medicine technology that offers maximum health benefits for its customers.

More than 25 years of success
The company started in 1990 in Taiwan where it has since expanded to other parts of the region. In Malaysia, Totalife started in 1995 and has been going strong ever since. To date, Malaysia is one of the major markets for Totalife which ventured into Singapore only in 2003 and to China 2 years after that.

Top-quality manufacturing facilities
In offering high quality and effective health and slimming products, Totalife has been very popular among its customers through its own manufacturing facilities as well as the Research and Development Faculty based in the United States.

Categories of products
Totalife’s main products are in the health and slimming. These products have already been taken by people from all walks of life that have already benefited in weight loss and better health. Besides that, there are other product categories like the Purification Series, the Beauty Care, Personal Care and Health Care Series respectively.

Totalife Business Opportunity >
Offering an MLM business model, members can enjoy better income-earning opportunities where they can earn by selling Totalife products as well as through commissions in the common direct selling business model. This means that through the network of distributors, they can earn commission by sponsoring their downlines and those within their respective branches.

Top Products by Totalife
Totalife Total Sweet – Your sugar replacement product made with Aspartame and very safe. It is very low in calories but gives you the sweetness of natural cane sugar. Tested and proven that will not increase your blood glucose.

Totalife Tolagen Plus – Take this for better skin health. It renews the collagen in your body with anti-aging properties. Made from a combination of traditional and modern medicine, your skins can rejuvenate and damaged cells repaired.

Totalife Total Salt – Each sachet of Total Salt only has 44 kilocalories. It is made from organic ingredients and is your perfect salt replacement without worrying about increasing blood pressure.

Totalife Total Diet- 8 – One of the most popular products from Totalife, this is a low calorie and pure nutritional drink with good levels of protein and 53 types of different ingredients that your body needs daily.

Totalife Lipokleen A – Your daily supply of fatty acids is made with high levels of oleic acid, DHA and EPA. It has salmon fish oil which promotes better blood circulation and regulates your body’s cholesterol level.

Totalife Lipokleen B – Take this for good skin health and if you are looking to reduce your weight. Formulated with wheat germ oil and Evening Primrose Oil that protects and enhances skin health while relieving inflammation.

Totalife Total Drink – Give your body the 14 nutrients that it needs every day and has antioxidants too that helps to keep out free radicals while repairing damaged skin cells. Take this for better and shinier skin.