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Unit 27-11, Level 11, Signature Offices, The Boulevard, Mid Valley City Lingkaran Syed Putra, 59200 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


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Origin of Beauty
Ms. Amy Lin, the founder of EASECOX International Group, established the firm based on her passion for the pursuit and sharing of beauty, as well as her sense of mission with respect to the “Sculpting of beautiful bodies.” During the initial stages, EASECOX employed Japan’s cutting-edge materials technology to embed precious gems into the fibers. After relentless research and testing, EASECOX finally developed the Diamant Tourmaline Fiber Series and proposed the innovative concept of “Beauty engineering,” which helps many women sculpt the beautiful body contours they desire. Since its launch, the series has become hugely popular amongst consumers, and it was even listed among the Top 10 Popular Products by a renowned business magazine.


A Global Business Empire
To help women accomplish a lifestyle of “Health, beauty, friendship and wealth”, EASECOX has maintained steady development of all their products. These include the body-shaping underwear unveiled in 1988 and close to 100 products in seven major series now. Not only has EASECOX collaborated with several hundred thousand distributors to spread business from Taiwan onto the global stage, but branch offices have been established in Malaysia, Hong Kong, Singapore, Indonesia, the Philippines and Thailand. While maintaining a solid growth momentum, EASECOX is keen to pursue a global expansion plan that involves setting up operations in 10 countries and 10 markets within 5 years. Adhering to the motto “EASECOX cares about women, and women should help women,” EASECOX will continue to diversify its services with greater professionalism, so all women can lead a more resplendent and colorful life.


Corporate Spirit
Upholding the passion of our founder for helping others and sharing “Integrity” is an EASECOX priority. We hope all women can share a career opportunity to create wealth. We want to help them become financially independent and enjoy an excellent quality of life and spread love and happiness to every corner of the world. Through the concept of “Reconditioning and restoration”, we hope all women and their loved ones may find health and beauty at EASECOX. Meanwhile, our “Cooperation and co-prosperity” distributor system will help EASECOX members and their partners to obtain mutual friendship and wealth.