Our Vision

Direct Selling Association of Malaysia (DSAM)/ Persatuan Jualan Langsung Malaysia, Registration No. PPM-001-10-19101978 aims to help realize the full potential of the direct selling industry in today’s world economic climate. Direct Selling companies can make a difference in people’s lives and DSAM is committed to ensuring a high performance standards of its member companies.

Our objectives are:

To foster, promote and protect the method of merchandise distribution and servicing in which its members are engaged.

To foster favorable public relations and present the views of its members to governmental bodies and consumer groups.

To co-operate with governmental bodies in respect of matters relating to the methods of production, marketing and servicing employed by its members.

To promote a high standard of merchandising and servicing.

To co-operate with other registered organizations and groups having similar objectives

To collect and disseminate information and data pertinent to the affairs of the members

To meet the collective needs of member companies and to do so always in the public interest

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