Membership Information


Ordinary Member Associate Member

Entrance Fee: RM5,000.00

Annual Subscription: based on sales turnover (a minimum of RM1,500.00 to a maximum of RM25,000.00 per annum)

Entrance Fee: RM2,000.00

Annual Subscription: RM1,500.00 per annum



  1. That the applicant holds a valid Direct Sales licence granted under the Direct Sales Act 1993.
  2. That the applicant shall have a capitalisation that complies with the requirement set by the Ministry.
  3. That the merchandise or service distributed by the applicant is of merchantable quality.
  4. That the applicant is not involved in pyramid sales.
  5. To abide by the Association Constitution and Code of Conduct.
Applicant that does not meet criteria (2) & (3) may apply for Associate Membership. The difference between Ordinary Member and Associate Member is that Ordinary Member has full voting rights in the affairs of the Association whilst Associate Member only have the right to speak with no voting rights. Associate Member shall subsequently upgrade to Ordinary Member.

Attached below is the DSAM Membership Application Form for your actions. Should you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to Contact Us.

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