Membership Benefits

Professional and dynamic leadership in direct selling companies are the keys to achieving our common aspirations. As the world takes on a more challenging scenario, members who register with DSAM will be exposed to benefits and opportunities that define your future in a borderless global economy.

The benefits of being a member of DSAM are:

  1. Operated as an Independent Secretariat. Strict confidentiality is assured.
  2. Entitled to carry the registered DSAM logo, the standards bearer of Direct Selling.
  3. Advisory assistance on a wide range of areas.
  4. Practise a WFDSA and MDTCC endorsed globally recognized Code of Conduct.
  5. Benchmarking against Global Standards.
  6. Exclusive access to ‘Members Only’ WFDSA and DSAM websites.
  7. Personalised assistance when expanding to ASEAN affiliated markets
  8. Assistance and referral to more than 60 affiliated Direct Selling Associations in all parts of the world when expanding globally.
  9. Platform to raise issues pertaining to the industry.
  10. Opportunity to share and exchange industry information among Members.
  11. Regular CEOs Meetings to discuss issues plus exchanging views, knowledge and experiences.
  12. Monthly e-bulletin updates on all matters pertaining to the industry plus Members Circulars for instant updates on urgent matters.
  13. Annual industry data including market size, product segment contribution, and many others – to assist in planning and forecasting.
  14. And many more…
Applicant that does not meet criteria (2) & (3) may apply for Associate membership. The difference between Ordinary and Associate member is that Ordinary member has full voting rights in the affairs of the Association whilst Associate member only have the right to speak with no voting rights. Associate member shall subsequently upgrade to Ordinary member.

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DSAM has two types of membership:
Entrance Fee:

Ordinary Member – RM5,000.00

Associate Member – RM2,000.00

Annual Subscription

Ordinary Member

Ordinary Member – based on sales turnover (a minimum of RM1,500.00 to a maximum of RM25,000.00 per annum)

Associate Member

Associate Member – RM1,500.00 per annum

Criteria for Ordinary membership:

  1. That the applicant holds a valid Direct Sales licence granted under the Direct Sales Act 1993
  2. That the applicant shall have a capitalisation that complies with the requirement set by the Ministry
  3. That the merchandise or service distributed by the applicant is of merchantable quality
  4. That the applicant is not involved in pyramid sales
  5. To abide by the Association Constitution and Code of Conduct