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DECHO BIO INTERNATIONAL SDN BHD was established in 2018.

DECHO BIO INTERNATIONAL’s president and co-founder, the Khor brothers – Nicholas Khor and Thomas Khor, are convinced that a successful and stable business must be based on a people-oriented mentoring concept, uncover the genuine, kind and beauty of human nature, to help those in need, including their own team members and partners, and the most important outset is to help customers out of their challenging situation arising from health issues, to bring hope and passion for life. The Managing Director, Mr Nicholas Khor, who has 20 years of marketing experience, realized that what most people aspire to achieve, besides a successful life, is the respect and love shown towards the team members by the Company, and this should be the most concern by the Company. He firmly believes that a person’s passion for work relies on the management’s recognition in giving due encouragement, affirmation, and rewards to the teams that put in their hard effort, to grow a healthy competition among peers, and to reach the peak success for the company and enrich life.

Decho Bio’s corporate belief is to persevere and grow each team member and customer to be a “winner” in their respective position; the naming of the company is also based on the two chairmen’ belief of “Human Business”. Its “盈” word means to build and unleash everyone to fulfil the company’s mission of doing noble deeds for all human, thus solving the needs and problems of customers, so as through the large corporate team, all can witness health and lead an abundant life; the word “佳”, when broken down, is the word “people” and “double earth” synthesis, which implies to gather all human connections from every corner of the world to build a conscience business that benefits people. Led by positive energy, while developing the blueprint of the Company, we will also improve the physical health of people, with sincere and practical service to touch people’s hearts, awaken spiritual sense and build a prosperous life.