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“The doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, in diet, and in the cause and prevention of disease.” This was a famous quote from one of the world most famous inventor, Thomas Edison.

This has inspired GoodARCH Technology Group founder, Dr. Hsieh Chin-Hsing to put all his time and efforts into exploring the possibilities of creating the masterpiece to human happiness. Due to the destiny of fate and his perseverance, he has created the epoch-making high technology product whereby its excellence quality has been duly proven by its users.

This success breathes infinite possibilities to the central idea which use the full spectrum of science and technology towards healthy living.

Just like a pastor preaches faith for spiritual health, GoodARCH preaches healthy living by applying the same philosophy in their business. This is because we provide a simple and natural healthy way that can be achieved through our daily lives; i.e. walking, working, or sleeping. This philosophy is in accordance with the ancient philosopher LaoZi’s principle who wrote in the Tao De Ching, “The best path to follow is the nature path”. With this belief, it has propels GoodARCH to achieve this most respectable technology.

The founder of GoodARCH Technology, Dr. Hsieh Chin-Hsing has extensive experiences in corporate management as well as excellent skills in MLM organizational structure. He adheres to the spirit of developing of the best products for its consumers based on the principles of “Professional, Services, Reliable, Innovation and Everlasting”. The highest quality product will complement with the MLM organizational structure to achieve the best outcome.

We hope to provide our valuable partners the opportunities to achieve their dreams. GoodARCH Technology Group is realizing the dream of a global business with the mission statement: “Based In Taiwan, Expanding Throughout Asia, and Go Global.”