Team Leadership Towards Higher Productivity Talk


The purpose of this motivational talk is to help all your top distributors in the Direct Selling Association of Malaysia to be more aware of their leadership responsibilities and roles to be top team leaders to their people in their competitive direct-selling business. They will be very motivated and toughen mentally, strategically, intellectually and emotionally throughout the talk in order to face and overcome successfully their leadership challenges ahead. They will also be motivated to uphold the “Direct-Selling Culture” with their people and to create a win-win relationship with their people and customers, to have best attitudes, positive values and result-driven actions to produce outstanding performance and results consistently.


The motivational talk is geared towards

  • To change and improve their mind-sets for break-thru’ improvement and growth.
  • To improve their personal mental attitudes and perspectives to view things positively and to acquire a culture of direct-selling excellence in all their undertakings.
  • To instill the best attitudes to be top team leaders to their people in their respective direct-selling business.
  • To improve and sharpen their leadership skills to become world-class team leaders to their people and Company.
  • To promote and enhance “direct-selling culture” in their daily work and life.
  • To enhance their interpersonal relationship with everyone in order to create a win-win relationship with them.
  • To motivate them to perform with excellence consistently and be the very best in their direct-selling professions and business.
  • To create a deeper sense of belonging, dedication, loyalty, discipline and commitment to their families, their peers, their leaders, their teams, (people-downlines) their respective companies, DSAM and their customers.