Myanmar Direct Selling Updates (29 Jan 2019)

DSAM was invited to the first official meeting of the new Myanmar Direct Selling Association (MDSA) in Yangon on 29th January 2019. The highlight was the election of the nominated candidates for the first MDSA Board, followed by discussion on formalising the association, including finances and appointment of an Independent Code Administrator. DSAM has worked with several companies operating in Myanmar for the last 1.5 years culminating with the formation of this association. MDSA’s Constitution and Code of Conduct were adopted from DSAM’s, with some local amendments to suit the regulatory conditions in Myanmar. The current MDSA Members are Join n Coin, RF3 World, Healthy Shop (all from Myanmar), Tiens, Alpha (both from China), QNet (Hong Kong), Successmore (Thailand), Double Crane (Taiwan) and Zhulian (Malaysia).

On the following day, DSAM and MDSA met with Mr He Htut Naing, Director, Ministry of Commerce and his team in Nay Phy Taw. Among the topics of discussion was the drafting of the first Direct Selling Act for Myanmar. This Act is eagerly awaited by the Direct Selling industry in Myanmar as it is expected to rescind the MLM ban imposed in September 2018.