Roundtable Discussion with Minister of MDTCA (13 Aug 2020)

A roundtable discussion was held between industry players and the Minister of MDTCA, YB Datuk Alexander Nanta Linggi on 13 August 2020 in Putrajaya. Also present were YB Dato’ Rosol Wahid (Deputy Minister), YB Datuk Seri Haji Hasnol Zam Zam Haji Ahmad (Secretary General), and other senior officers. DSAM was represented by the Board and Committee Members.

During the discussion, DSAM brought up a few issues which are pertinent to the Direct Selling industry, including;

  • non-authorised sale of Direct Selling products by e-Commerce Platforms
  • amendment to the conditions of the Cooling Off period
  • enforcement against companies operating the Direct Selling model without license

DSAM also submitted a few proposals to enhance the growth of the industry within the country and region which include;

  • creating a conducive environment that will enable Malaysia to be the Direct Selling hub for the ASEAN region
  • self-regulation of the Direct Selling industry
  • enhancing the role of the Ministry

In response to the above, MDTCA informed that a committee comprising of various departments from MDTCA, together with DSAM will be formed to look into these areas.